Choosing the right Contractor Accountant

If you are new to Contracting you will quickly realise that there are a number of specialist contractor accountants in the market.  Having a specialist on your side means they should fully understand life as a contractor and how to maximise your take home pay via a Limited Company.

However as there are many looking to be your accountant it is important to choose the right one that is suitable for you.  Additionally if you are looking at switching accountant – again it is important to decide on the criteria that will be useful in appointing your new accountant.

10 key considerations:

  1. Are they specialists in the contracting market? How many clients do they have?
  2. What are the monthly or annual costs?
  3. What does the cost and service include?
  4. How and when will you pay your accountancy fees?
  5. What professional bodies are they regulated by and what qualifications and accreditations do they hold?
  6. Who will look after you on a day-to-day basis? Do you have a named contact?
  7. Will you have unlimited support?
  8. What other knowledge (e.g. tax saving advice) and services (will they set up a company for you?) to assist your business are provided as part of the fee or can they offer?
  9. Can you meet with them face to face?
  10. Will they be able to provide a contract (IR35) review?

It is always suggested to contact a few different accountants for quotes and more importantly to ensure they understand your contracting circumstances.

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